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How to make Saree Kuchu [Guide 2019] Step By Step Guide

kuchu designs for sarees


Embedding Saree Kuchu and Tassels in Sarees are one of the best ways to make your saree looking more attractive and beautiful. In Karnataka, most of the women already know how to make saree kuchu at home. The other best thing is that you need not spend a hefty amount of money in order to do that. These are available at a pretty cheap price in the market.

Hand Made Saree Kuchu Designs 2019

But if you are familiar with the embroidery and sewing craftwork, then this is extremely easy for you. And you can save much more in decorating your dresses with saree kuchu with your skills. If we talk about what kind of saree kuchu you can make or saree kuchu designs you can decorate your saree with to make it more attractive? Then, truly there is no limit of the number of designs which you can make, It totally depends on your personal choice and requirements. Saree Kuchu embroidered Pattu Sarees are also gaining popularity these days.

If you do not know how to make saree kuchu and have never done any embroidery work ever, then you can purchase readymade Saree kuchu laces from amazon. If you want to have a look on Eerafashionicing Saree Kuchu / Tassels Jute Laces

Basic Materials required to make your own Saree Kuchu / Tassels

  1. Needles (Small and Large)
  2. Scissors
  3. Silk Thread (Color of your choice)
  4. Zari thread in Golden or silver color
  5. Rounded Beads
  6. Angular Beads

Saree Kuchu Basic Materials Required

(Of course, You can use additional beads and threads as per your choice)

Method of making Saree Kuchu / Tassels

Kuchu Thread Strands in Needle

  1. Take 10 to 12 strands of silk thread
  2. Put the thread in a small needle
  3. Use the needle in which you threaded, and put it through the fabric in such a way that you can create a round bead.
  4. Now, pull the loose strands through the bead, so that it will tighten up and the bead will become properly fixed.
  5. Cut off the remaining strands in such a way that the strands are long enough to tie up the proper knots.
  6. Make sure that the knot which you have tied up is just below the bead in that tassel. Take the help of needle in order to do that if facing trouble doing with bare hands.
  7. Now, it’s time to put the second bead. Pass the second angular strand through the strands.
  8. In the same way as in step 6, make sure the knot is coming just below the angular bead.
  9. Now, the beadwork is done. Take the help of a larger needle, and pass around 50 strands of silky thread through the needle.
  10. Pass the needle through the strands in which beads are placed, in such a way that the 50 threaded strands will come just under the lower bead.
  11. Now, Adjust the length of strands to the equal length of each strand.
  12. Your Kuchu / Tassel is ready now, good job!
  13. It’s time to tie the strands to saree with the help of zari thread.
  14. You can see in the below-mentioned photo that how this saree kuchu can make your saree more beautiful and elegant much more than before.

Hand made saree kuchu


So friends, here you learned how to make saree kuchu in some really easy and simple steps. by following this guide you can create your own saree kuchu and can decorate your sarees for almost any occasions.

How to make Pearl n Beads Silky Saree Kuchu [Video Tutorial 2019]

Let’s learn how to make one more type of saree kuchu to decorate your saree and making it partywear. But this time we will go through a video tutorial.

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