Pattu Sarees

Latest Pattu Sarees Designs with Pattu Sarees Images 2020

Pattu Sarees

Latest Pattu Sarees Designs with Pattu Sarees Images 2020

Pattu Sarees Images latest 2020

Pattu Sarees are one of the most preferred traditional and ethnic sarees in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Let’s look out some nice Pattu Sarees Images collection here. These are made up of the purest form of silk, which gives the immense comfort and attractive look because of its lustrous and soft feeling on touch. The cost of these sarees is a little bit higher as compared to other types of sarees because of its purest form and heavy zari work on it. The cost of designer pattu sarees varies as per its designs and work done on it. No poly silk or artificial silk material can make the exact same feeling an original pattu pudava brings when you wear one.

Latest Designer and Traditional Pattu Sarees – Bridal and for Wedding

Traditional and Ethnic Pattu Sarees in South India

Traditional South Indian Sarees

These are not just shining however an essential part of each south Indian families trunks and cupboards. 100% Pure mulberry silk strands and threads with pure golden and silver zari work are hallmarks of it. However, as times have changed, with the taste changing to milder sarees the focus has changed to half good zari, even though the pattu nevertheless remains the first choice for all.

Pattu is a Tamil word that means silk. These sarees are primarily South Indian Sarees with a silky feel. These are one of the best choices among the traditional sarees in India. It is famous for its traditional type with some contemporary designs presently per day. A lustrous and soft feel is the attractiveness of this saree. Fine quality pattu sarees for wedding are easily available in markets should you like to supply traditional touch into your outfit.

Soft and Lightweight Pattu Sarees

Ladies love wearing these sarees but many women find it hard to handle sarees that’s the reason that they stay away from wearing it, even if it’s their favorite. If this is true with you, then you may try out this saree since it is lightweight and may be carried off readily. But you may be thinking about how you are able to make the purchase as you hardly get time from your busy schedule. There’s a solution and nothing can beat online shopping. Right from the comfort of your office or home and at any moment, you are able to make the purchase easily.

Easy To Manage

You really need to master the art of handling a saree properly or else you may wind up getting embarrassed in the audience. Nevertheless, when it comes to pattu sarees, you do not need to take the tension of handling it since the saree is lightweight and ideal for all those girls who find saree utterly difficult to manage. After you purchase it, you can drape it readily and wear it comfortably even to your workplace. So start browsing now for traditional wear and dresses from amazing brands such as Pothys and find a gorgeous pothys pattu saree for you.

Shop Online At Discounted Price

An online retail store saves both time and energy but the added advantage is you get to save a considerable amount of money. You can order your favorite one from home by checking various saree images online. Premium online shopping sites also provide profitable discounts on particular occasions to their customers. Should you keep a track of this discount then it is simple to purchase it online for a discounted price. Occasionally, you can purchase it for great discounts however all you have to do would be to check frequently about the continuing discounts. Both purposes will be served that is getting a wonderful Silk Sarees as well as saving a good amount of money which you may utilize to get another one.

If you’re looking for a particular color in this, then just scan through the whole range for, you definitely find what you’re looking for. So in regards to purchasing it online, choose a premium buying website and find the item.

Pattu Saree Designs – An Integral Part of Fashion

Saree Pattu Designs

Here, the Pattu Sarees Images represent the attractiveness of the Indian textiles heritage. These sarees are deeply ingrained in the South Indian civilization, and you’d see them as a part of every occasion of life there. So, besides weddings, these are broadly worn by women for functions, festivals and all types of auspicious occasions. So, not only the women of Tamil origin but also all the Indian women and saree fans from all around the world respect and seek abundant, stunning Pattu Sarees.

Kanchi Silk Sarees


Many also often utilize the expression Pattu Saree for signaling uncountable variants of Kanjeevaram silk sarees, or the sarees crafted by the exact same method as the handloom Kancheepuram sarees. Though all of it may not be Kanchipuram sarees, the term (Pattu Saree) is still synonymously used with the glorious Kanjeevarams that are considered Southern India’s response to the North Indian Banarasis. These are, hence, also extensively called the Kanchi Pattus or Kanjeevaram Pattu sarees — the expression specifically meant for it to be made from the town of Kanchipuram.

An All Time Popular and Favourite Traditional Sarees

A popular of middle-aged, higher society girls, the heavy and overly traditional kind of those sarees had made them unpopular among younger girls and brides. Due to their strong colors and heavy zari impressive work, they were not preferred by women who wished to flaunt a milder, trendier look.

The’real’ Kanjivaram sarees are distinguished by their wide, contrasting borders, and temple themes, grid patterns, and paintings’ inspired themes, shown scenes from epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. But with the changing times, tastes and the extensive advent of technologies in the textiles industry, These are now made in several versions – many of which are very light and have simple, mid-sized, without Zari boundaries. These newest silk sarees are trendy and have a broad price range. They’re also offered in a huge variety of colors and designs, including the traditional favorites like crimson, maroon, orange, gold, yellow and multi-color pattu sarees — additionally and the popular combinations like yellow and blue, pale green, pink, purple, etc.

Most Popular Variety of Pattu Sarees

Pattu Saree Designs

Did you know that India is the biggest consumer of silk in the world? And these are nothing but silk sarees. Silk is also termed as ‘Pattu’ in South India. It is traditional for Indian women to use it during auspicious occasions. In many parts of India, the bride has been seen wearing a beautiful pattu saree on her wedding.

Parampara Sarees

Parampara Pattu Saree

As its name implies is your authentic traditional Pattu saree. Nonetheless, these times, Parampara Pattu Sarees are also made in lighter, easier to transport and drape varieties. Therefore, traditional design methods are combined with a few contemporary design components and colorings to get trendier looks – making rich, detailed yet classy and stylish Parampara pattus a hit one of the wedding markets.

Soft Silk Sarees

Soft Pattu Silk Saree

Considering that the fabric in Kancheepuram Sarees is woven using traditional techniques, frequently on handlooms – the resulting fabric will be heavy and somewhat stiff. On the other hand, the contemporary women, given their busy and fast lifestyles, crave something that’s softer and more malleable, and wrinkle-free. So was born the Menpattu or the tender silk sarees which are in fashion now. These sarees, made using contemporary procedures, are light, breathable and soft. They are excellent as party-wear and office wear sarees and are ideal for all seasons.

Designer Pattu Sarees

Dazzling Orange Designer Pattu Saree

The traditional in addition to soft pattu sarees are basically impressive or embroidery free. The real beauty in it comes from its complicated weaving. There originally were no added boundaries or embroidered decorative design. On the other hand, the latest bridal and wedding style dictates that wedding pattu sarees possess some’work’ on these. So were born of it with work — or the designer and lace sarees — which are also called the Vastrakala Sarees. Ordinarily, these grand sarees are designed with classic embroideries such as aari and zardozi work.

Samudrika Pattu Sarees

Samudrika Pattu Sarees

These would be the highest word among the Silk Sarees. Perfect bridal sarees, these gorgeous and magnificent sarees are crafted by master weavers in traditional, rich designs and heavy borders. Most Samudrika Pattu Sarees have feature broad borders and glorious Zari inlays.

Pothys Samudrika Pattu traditional Fashion Show

Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada is the name of a little city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The hand-woven sarees usually produced in this cloths hub are called Uppada Jamdaani sarees. These sarees aren’t as densely woven with motifs like Jamdaanis, which lightens their texture, and have Pattu like boundaries. Uppada Pattu Sarees are also popular for their relatively lower prices.

Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees

Authentic Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

There’s absolutely no way you won’t look fantastic after having a Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees. They look perfect with the ideal sort of jewelry. According to Hindu beliefs, weavers from Kancheepuram are thought to be the descendants of Sage Markanda. Markanda was the chief weaver of the Gods. It is believed that Lord Vishnu preferred silk. Within an original Kanchi Silk Saree design, the body and border are stitched individually and attached together. They are much like Banarasi sarees. They’re available online, so you don’t need to worry about looking through shop after shop to get the one that you would like.

Chettinad Sarees

Traditional Chettinad Sarees

Chettinad Pattu Sarees are named after a town in south Tamil Nadu. These sarees are created by expert weavers. They’re usually recommended for brides. The sarees usually come with a combination of silk and cotton. This combination creates a particular design, which makes the saree very unique. These sarees have a very high demand from girls in the North and East India. You can purchase from a huge variety of designs and styles of black sarees online.

Authentic Mysore Silk Sarees

Authentic Mysore Silk Saree

At the state of Karnataka, silk is mainly increased in Mysore. During this time, the silk business was flourishing. But it moved to the backseat when it needed to compete with imported silk. Nowadays, Mysore Silk Sarees are desired by women all across India and abroad as they’re considered to be the best type of silk. The embroidery on these pattu yellowish sarees usually is all about Indian decorations and architectures. They occasionally have graphics such as conch shells, chariots, and lamps too. Mysore pink silk sarees weigh about 400-600 g and generally have designs in the form of birds and elephants. You can choose beautiful Mysore crimson silk sarees with embroidery online.

Pochampally Sarees

Real Pochampally Sarees

They come in the Nalgonda district in Telangana. The saree is very unique because of the geometric shapes which arrive from the design. Flowers, parrots, and elephants are also found on the sarees. These sarees are worn by girls around India. The sarees come in cotton, silk, or maybe a mixture of both cloth varieties. Black Beauty is among the most trusted brands that offer a huge collection of Pochampally Pattus Sarees online.

Traditional Gadwal Silk Sarees

Traditional Gadwal Silk Sarees

The saree is named after a little town called Gadwal at Andhra Pradesh. These sarees may be pattu, cotton, or even a hybrid of both. The edge of the saree is generally made of tussar silk. A particular technique called Kuppadam is utilized when making these sarees. These sarees are also known as Kuppadam Pattu Sarees. These pure sarees are not too popular as hybrids are and you get a wide variety of the hybrids one online. The designs on these yellow style sarees are often based around Lord Murugan and Rudraksha. Occasionally they come in designs which depict the traditions and culture of South India.

Konrad Pattu Sarees

Ethnic Konrad Pattu Saree

These sarees are from Tamil Nadu. These sarees have wide borders and designs which portray its detailed work. Occasionally they’ve designed in the form of elephants and peacocks too. The colors of these sarees are very vibrant. They have a unique identity and are worn by brides in Tamil Nadu. You can store bridal Konrad sarees out of a beautiful collection online.

Any bride — be it a Tamil bride or a North Indian bahu — would love to get a true silk saree. These are now available in a great variety online too — you can navigate to assess and compare prices, read reviews and get in contact with merchant websites to ensure the product that you purchase is authentic. And, so you are able to have a Pure Pattu Saree — from anywhere on the planet!

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Wedding Pattu Sarees

Wedding Pattu Sarees

Wedding Pattu Sarees Images here are actually used to indicate the pure, heavy silk sarees made and used extensively in Southern India, specifically in the state of Tamil Nadu.

These are originally pure, heavy silk sarees made. These traditional bridal sarees are used by the South Indian very often, especially Tamil people. These sarees worn by the bride and the other women during weddings – are also known as the Kalyana Pattu Sarees in Tamil Nadu. The word Kalyana means the wedding.

Apart from being the cultural wedding symbols and bridals sarees, they also make a significant part of each South Indian bride’s wedding trousseau. Understandably, given their purity and craftsmanship, these are expensive and heavy. Frequently their worth is estimated from the weight of Zari and silk yarn used to make them. One of the key point of focus is saree kuchu work on the hem of pallu. The saree price of it also seen as an indicator of how royal and wealthy a bride or her household is!

Let’s have a look on some example of traditional pattu sarees with images.

Green Designer Wedding Kanchi Pattu Saree :

Green Designer Wedding Kanchi Pattu Saree

These are apt for wedding collection. Kanchi saree is one of those collections. The magnificent green saree has very small detailed designs onto it. The wider plain golden border has a pink lining to it. This bit of saree looks amazing in bridal makeup. It’s paired up with an intricate designer blouse and golden ornaments.

Multi-Colored Latest Sarees :

Multi Colored Latest Pattu Saree

This dark color multi-colored saree has a traditional touch and shiny effect in it. The famous golden designs over the multi-colored layered are attractive. The pallu has a yellowish effect with golden works which comparison the other half of this saree.

Purple Silk Wedding Saree With Stone Work :

Purple Pattu Wedding Saree With Stone Work

This saree has designer rock functions all over it. This is only one of that experimental designer saree. This has quite nice stone works. The dark violet base along with golden designs seems eminent and fantastic. This must be worn in special events or parties to magnify your beauty.

Pink Coloured Kanchi Pattu Sarees :

Pink Coloured Kanchi Pattu Saree

This Kanchi Pattu Sarees are very trendy and you can opt because of its simplicity. The main color is the pink base together with multi-colored designer strips. Floral designs, some published colored designs are done within this saree.

Red and Black Zari Woven Kanchi Pattu Sarees :

Red and Black Zari Woven Kanchi Pattu Saree

Red Kanchi pattu appears stylish and glamorous. This designer Kanchi pattu is different from the traditional Kanchi pattu. This saree has elegant intricate golden functions on the black base of the border. Like to wear heavy designed saree with silk and soft texture, add this fashion on your wardrobe. Within this picture, The model is wearing a collared- detailed designer blouse which has exactly the identical border impact.

Yellow and Red Kanchi Pattu Saree :

Yellow And Red Kanchi Silk Saree

The yellow and crimson saree is notable styling outfit to provide vibrant look for you. The pallu is red with golden designs while another part of the it has purely yellowish shade. This saree appears easy without any intricate layout. Going for easy outfit yet magnificent this saree is suitable for your looks.

Magnificent Peacock Blue Pattu Saree :

Magnificent Peacock Blue Pattu Saree

The peacock blue sarees appears different. This saree has the same patterns and designs. It supplies many shades as light has reflected. This makes you seem very appealing. You can just wrap the pallu with no folds to enhance the golden gorgeous works.

Red and Off-White Samudrika Pattu Saree :

Beautiful Red and Off-White Samudrika Pattu Saree

Samudrika Pattu Sarees are portrayed in this picture. This saree is a blend of color and designs. The golden border has a notable edge with some creative works but the other portion of this saree is very simple in its outlook. Off-white and crimson is the main combination of this bit of saree. Additionally, it has a golden effect on its own edge which makes the pallu gorgeous.

Pale Green Pattu Saree with Heavy Golden Work :

Pale Green Pattu Saree with Heavy Golden Work

These may be the perfect choice with bridal makeup. This saree though has a bright pale green shade but it is not looking pale indeed. The bright and shiny work on it with all over golden works on it makes you look more beautiful and vibrant. You must pair up with matching pieces of jewelry to complete your looks.

Red Kanchi Pattu Wedding Saree :

This attractive red saree is a Kanchi pattu wedding saree using wide golden border which is a special style of South Indian Sarees. Rounded patterns of complex functions are complete exactly the same sequence all over the saree. You definitely look traditional donning this outfit paired up with a golden blouse.

Violet-Pink Vastrakala Pattu Saree :

Violet-Pink Vastrakala Pattu Saree

This vastrakala sarees have small golden designs on several areas of the saree. It’s a glimmering border function in golden and dark pink which is contrasting. The violet saree is pleated to provide a traditional as well as stylish look with pink short-sleeve blouses.

Orange Violet Brocade Silk Saree :

Orange Violet Brocade Silk Sarees

This sarees has brocade designs around this piece. Orange is contrasted with violet color in this saree making it look gorgeous. The golden edge and purple pallu with golden functions allow you to seem traditional.

Blue Gold Pattu Saree :

Blue Gold Pattu Saree

This have complicated designed pattu. This makes you look glamorous. This saree has a traditional effect with these vibrant colors. These colors of green and blue are contrasting. This combinational is very rare in outfits.

Green Vasundhara Saree :

Green Vasundhara Pattu Saree

Vasundhara Saree is one of the choices in pattu or silk sarees in south India. This green saree has a distinct shade effect with this bit of saree. This does not have a notable border with contrasting color rather the pallu is made attractive by golden touch. Matching with the pallu, golden blouse is apt for its contrasting appearance.

Dark Blue Parampara Pattu Saree :

Dark Blue Parampara Pattu Saree

Dark blue shade Parampara Pattu Sarees have a multi-colored border. Colors like orange, green and golden are lined up along the border lining. The border does have some complex works on it. This seem vibrant mainly as a result of color mixes. You are able to set up with an orange blouse which looks magnificent and glorifies your attractiveness.

Different styles for traditional events, wedding functions, reception or any other particular event can be chosen one of these 15 fashions of it. Designer pattu sarees would be the recent makeover over the traditional counter component to magnify its impact. These silky textured outfits can be worn by ladies of various ages.

Latest Pattu Sarees From Different Parts of South India Online

Additionally, these come from different areas in the south which are available online like the Kanchi and Mysore pattu. Samudrika pattu is famous for bridal events. Andhra Pradesh creates some of the finest silk sarees in India. Other famed sarees out of Tamil Nadu are Coimbatore cotton sarees, Kumbakonam sarees, and Thirubhuvanam sarees and you are able to shop for all these types online. Well, you now know a whole lot about these. The fantastic news here is that you can find most of these kinds of sarees online. So, you do not have to run around searching for which store has what. Not only does that save you a great deal of time, but it is also possible to save yourself a lot of cash, but if you can find them an online offer.

Learn how to wear Bridal Pattu Sarees perfectly

Draping Sarees especially the Bridal Sarees is pure art. Almost every woman who likes sarees knows how to drape it. But most of them don’t know how to wear pattu saree perfectly which will enhance their beauty and keep the quality of sarees as new by avoiding unnecessary crushes and folds. Let’s see how to drape bridal pattu sarees perfectly, well explained by professionals in the video mentioned below:

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